Brompton Upgrades and Accessories, By Turbo Bob

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Love your Brompton? Soon there will be even more to love. I got a chance to see these new things at Interbike last month and I am quite excited. My contact at the Brompton factory couldn’t confirm if or when these will be on the new bikes, but from what I saw and heard, it won’t be long.
I was really impressed by my reception at Interbike by the Brompton reps in attendance. Although my time in their booth was short, it was fruitful, filled with great Brompton info. I got to touch and feel the new parts and I can tell you they are very nice. In no particular order, here’s what I saw.

The New Brompton Brake Levers

The great new Brompton brake handles

The great new Brompton brake handles

These new smaller and stronger levers look great on the Brompton, but it’s not the looks that make the difference. With all aluminum construction, they will ramp-up the power of the brakes. They changed the cam profile not only to increase the power transferred to the brake pads, but to allow them to come further from the rim surface when released. Taking up less room on the bars, looking cool and working better are three very good things.


I think having stronger feeling brakes will make many Brompton owners happy. Many people I have let ride the two Bromptons NYCeWheels has sent me have mentioned this need. They all agreed the brakes worked well and were plenty strong, but as you first apply them, you don’t get that initial impression. I am sure these will be available as up-grades for the Brompton you already own.

Brompton’s Front Chain Ring

The stronger, better designed front chain ring

The stronger, better designed front chain ring

The new cranks use a regular 130 BCD 5 bolt attachment for the front chain ring. This way if you want to under gear or over gear your Brompton bike it will be easier and less expensive. It also allows the option of specialty or fancy looking chain rings to be used. The cranks are stiffer and should be well received by the Brompton rank and file. Here’s why I really like this improvement.
For me, the standard gearing is just too high. The only reason I ever used third gear was just to know it was there. An easy under gearing change would allow my riding style to fit the Brompton way so much better. I have friends who have already changed their Bromptons to this style of crank, but having it come this way from the factory is a great idea.

Rims and Hubs on the 2013 Brompton Bike

A double-wall rim will replace the single-wall units previously installed. Not only will this increase the strength of the rims, but it has a great side affect too. If you have ever gotten a flat on a folding bike and changed it yourself, then you will see the benefit here. The new rim has a deeper well inside that makes getting the tire on and off much easier. Sound good?
On the rear hub they made some minor changes to the angle of the spoke holes. This will allow less stress on the spokes for a stronger and more durable wheel. With small wheels this can be a problem and the change here seems to address it well.

Miscellaneous Brompton Upgrades

Although I have been happy with the handgrips, I have heard from and read about many people who aren’t. The newly designed ones should quell those thoughts and make for more smiles. It seems that some changes in the supplied tire might be on the list too.

New Brompton Accessories

Brompton water bottle

Brompton water bottle

The long awaited tool kit should be available very soon. I got a full demo on all the pieces included. Very nicely done and finished, it should be a big seller. Each item in the kit has a specific purpose and fits the bike’s fasteners well. It comes with tire patches too, so any little problem on the road can be taken care of with little fuss. Fitting right into the frame tube, it will be invisible when the bike is in operation. I do wonder about its security when your bike is folded though.
The new water bottle is designed just for the Brompton. The clamp is fairly sleek and the bottle is retained with a very strong magnet. This is just what the doctor ordered. I don’t think it will be long before this item (with the Brompton logo stamped on) is on your dealer’s shelf.
I am still waiting to get the word on when these new parts will be on all the factory bikes. There might even be more up-grades too. I know when I visited the Brompton factory last year they had a team working on new ways to make their bike better and stronger. This is what any good bike company does, and Brompton is on top of it. Let NYCeWheels know if you want these pieces and when they are on the market, you will be first in line.
Love your Brompton Bike? Of course you do, Turbo Bob.
“Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity.”—Lord Charles Beresford.

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