Dahon Formula for speed

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Dahon formula folding bikeSettling into the saddle of the Dahon Formula S18 is like getting to know your superhero sidekick. The ultra-stiff and lightweight folding bike is so responsive to your movements, it feels like an extension of your body, and the thin road tires keep you racing straight. I found that all I had to do was point this elegant white bike where I wanted it to go, and think that I wanted it to go there, and we would be off at light-speed.

High performance parts

Dahon formula folding bikeIn one sense, this folding bike’s high performance level can be attributed to its quality parts. Slick Microshift Thumb Tap shifters control Shimano derailleurs, and the SRAM disc brakes were responsible for this bike’s crazy stopping power. I mean, I could go from 25 mph to full stop in what felt like about three inches. Between the excellent components, the frame’s speed-oriented design, and the 20-inch wheels, I found myself darting around with an agility I have not experienced with many other bicycles.

Dahon’s quality hinges and frame

Dahon was one of the first companies to develop folding bikes to a fine art, and the Formula S18 features the same reliable hinges and folding method as the rest of Dahon’s folding bikes. In its fully compact mode, the bike is a dense little bundle which could Dahon formula folding bikeeasily fit beneath a desk or in a closet when not in use. The Dahon’s ability to compact to such an unobtrusive size, along with its exceptionally solid-feeling frame, made me think that this bike could be comfortable in a variety of roles, from weekend joy rides, to aggressive distance biking.

I was not ready to give up the Formula by the end of my test ride. At the end of the day, it is an enviably well-made racer, but its frame is solid enough that the Dahon Formula S18 is capable of any length commutes.