Dahon Formula S18—Big on Looks, Ride and Savings, by Turbo Bob

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Dahon Formula S18 - the best bike for the price

Dahon Formula S18 - the best bike for the price

So many tell me the day will come for them to finally get the folding bike of their dreams. The reasons for holding back are many, but high on the list is getting a good deal. Now the modern Dahon Formula s18 has ended production and the last remaining stock of one of Dahon’s best high performance folding bikes is selling out quick. What this means is that your day has come. NYCeWheels has stocked up and dropped the price considerably on the Formula S18 and now is the perfect time to get the deal of a lifetime.


The Dahon Formula has the whole package

More than the price point, the main reason to get a Formula S18 is quality and performance. Figure in those good looks and you have a winner. Hanging from a solid aluminum frame is everything you need for years of biking fun and convenience. A quick and small fold, a wide range of gears and strong disc brakes are the features that will draw you in, and with each ride the whole package just feels better.

dahon-formula-s18 high performance for an affordable price

One of our fastest folding bikes

The Dahon Formula is one of the fastest folding bikes out there, and it feels great to ride. From atop the narrow saddle of you will find the thumb shifters and ergo grips pleasing. The handlebar height is adjustable for riders of all sizes (as is the seat height). The steering is quick yet just right for any type of riding you have in mind. With each pedal stroke you will be proud and happy with this Dahon Formula S18. And at the end of the ride, you can store it away securely knowing it will be ready for another day’s fun and travel.

A folding bike makes commuting easier

The thrill of a folding bike comes from many sources. If you live or work in a high-rise you can envision immediately the ease it will be to bring it inside and up the stairs or elevator. RVers and boaters have been taking advantage of their small folded size and light-weight for years. As a last mile device, those who take public transportation or park a long way from their destination will wonder why they didn’t get one sooner. Everyday riders will love the maneuverability and fun.

Gearing on the Dahon Formula folding bike

18 speeds on the Dahon Formula folding bike

This Formula S18 offers a wide range of gearing that can tackle just about any terrain you encounter. With 2 up front and 9 at the back wheel, the climbing comes easy when you need and the speed comes even easier when you want. Low friction bearings all around add to the smoothness and pedaling comfort. As you work through the gears you find the precise shifters and their response a worthy reason to extend your rides.
The tires are narrow, don’t slow you down and give a nice grip through the corners. Mounted to beefy alloy rims, they not only look racy, but rise to almost any terrain you roll over. The precise steering will allow the fast sections of your ride to bring a smile and work the tight ones with ease. Dahon got all the angles right for your riding pleasure and everyone who rode this test bike agreed.

High quality for a great price

Dahon Formula S18 with TurboBob

Dahon Formula S18 with TurboBob

To that point, it was amazing how many I ran across that really wanted to try this Formula S18. The interest in folding bikes rises, yet lots have never saddled-up on one. I know way back I was never too impressed with their ride qualities (or the fold ease either), yet all that has changed in a big way. Here at my house folding bikes get all the respect they deserve (and tons of riding time too).
You can check the NYCeWheels site for all the specs, yet the story isn’t told in numbers.

It is all about getting on, pushing off and experiencing it yourself. After that first block you will never look back, being almost assured to be a new owner right away. After the ride when you fold it up in seconds and tuck it away, the deal will be done. Folding bikes are awesome and the Dahon Formula S18 is about as awesome as they come. Add to that the low cost of admission and you will be hooked. So don’t wait, try one out, grab that super low price point and get on the Dahon wagon. No regrets, I promise.
I fold, therefore I am, Turbo Bob.
“Riding a race bike is an art—a thing that you do because you feel something inside.”—Valentino Rossi.

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