Brompton Takes on Acadia

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Brompton folding bikeIf you are a cyclist who also happens to love National Parks and thought you couldn’t combine the two, look no further than a Brompton.

My most recent adventure with my Brompton was to Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park. There is no better way to enjoy the scenery of a quaint New England town and National Park.

When asked if I would be willing to help drive three exchange students to their destinations, I had one stipulation. I would help but only if I could bring my Brompton folding bike and explore the area. My request was granted and the bike was packed. After folding the brompton bike I stashed it in the back of Toyota Rav4, surrounded by luggage and ready at a moments notice.

I normally take my Brompton touring bag, but opted to leave it behind for this trip. I must say, I missed that handy bag.

I arrived at the starting location with my bike neatly tucked inside the bag I use for transporting it and had it slung over my shoulder. The first question was, “I thought you were bringing your bike?” My answer, “I did, it is right here.”

Brompton BikePeople who have never seen a Brompton are always amazed at how compact it is and that you don’t need to disassemble anything when you take it somewhere. Curiosity always leads to unpacking, unfolding, and folding along with a brief history of Brompton folding bikes, where they are made, and the quality and craftsmanship in each bike. Inevitably I tell the story of what played into my decision to search for a folding bike and ultimately decide on a Brompton from the great staff at NYCeWheels.

Riding in the Bar Harbor area was amazing and soon I was off to explore Acadia with some friends. I have to say, I did look out of place next to the mountain bikes and road bikes. Cyclist are a great group of people, so out of place or not, everyone smiled and commented on my cool ride. You may think that a Brompton can’t handle the hills, I have the 6 speed and it does surprisingly well. I didn’t have to work too hard to climb and the downhills are a blast.

After having so much fun riding in Acadia, I have decided I need to add some of the other National Parks to my “must see with the Brompton” list. At this point, I have visited gardens, trails, farms, small towns, big cities, and even taken the Brompton on planes (see this great blog by the Path Less Pedaled). I have ridden my Brompton for long stretches and short trips. It is by far my favorite bike and I have owned many.

If you are considering a bike to take when you travel, there is no better choice. Brompton folding bikes are compact, easy to fold and unfold, and fun to ride.