Tern Twins Tour the Town, by Turbo Bob

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There is no bike thrill quite the same as having a folding bike at the ready during your travels. The only one that comes to mind is having a matching pair, and we do. Our Tern Link P9s seem to be the go to bikes when we are on the road, and once again this month they brought the fun. With no need for a bike rack and minimum security worries, that convenience matches that of the bikes themselves.


Tern Link P9 at LBGP Finish Line

My wife has taken up Dragon Boat racing with a local group. With a big national meet in Long Beach happening, of course our folding bikes were part of the trip. Although both won’t fit in the trunk of our mini-car, one does and the other sets in the back seat on a old sheet. The bags and other gear fit easy as can be too. Even though this motel we stayed in had some extra room to fit full-sized bikes, many we have stayed in don’t, another big plus these Tern folding bikes give us.

Our motel was a couple miles from the venue for the races and parking there was at a premium. In the morning before each day we just loaded down our panniers and hitched our folding chairs on our shoulders for the ride to the races. It was fun staying out of the car and getting some fresh sea air before each day began. From the look of the bikes all over at the event, we weren’t the only ones using two-wheels in such a manner.

There were some long gaps between many of her races and although she stayed around, I didn’t. I took my Tern link P9 down to the beach path several times during the day and soaked in all the great stuff a beach town has to offer. Long Beach is a known bike friendly town with plenty of room to ride and fairly courteous drivers to share the road with. It is great to ride together, yet sometimes a solo cruise can be even better.

I stopped in at a few bike shops and watched the water activities from the shore in other places. None of the shops I checked out had folding bikes and they enjoyed seeing mine. Like so many other times, I folded and un-folded it just to show how easy it is. They marveled at the technology and the small footprint it took in the folded form. I get this reaction all the time, from people on the street, other people on bikes, and even the pros.

At the end of each race day we headed back to the motel to take a break, get cleaned up and pack the bikes for a fun evening beach ride to dinner. These bikes both have the cool BioLogic clip on tail light / reflector, yet we have them hooked-up with more lights than that. On the seat posts are Serfas Thunderbolts that really rock and NiteRider headlights up front that do the same. The other fun and safe lighting pieces we have on these bikes are the LightMeUp Safety wheel lights. So with each ride we could see and be seen for the long night cruises.

The first evening we rode quite a way up the coast to one of the area’s bigger tourist traps. We rode by the well attended national beach volleyball tournament too. After a while we found the perfect place for dinner, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. We had never eaten there and riding the Tern folding bikes it seemed appropriate. We dined outside and were able to keep the bikes close at hand the whole time. My wife was a bit tired by the time we got back to the motel, but we were both happy and ready for a good sleep.

Tern Link P9
The next day went much the same. I was out riding getting back to the races in time to see her heats. I rode a little further this day to check out a couple E-bike shops that are in town. Still, I made sure to time things right so as not to miss any of her races. That night we ate a little closer to the motel. Everywhere we rode in the night air was kind of special as our bikes are quite a sight. On top of the folding part, the lighting really catches one’s eyes.

During the three day weekend we stopped many times to answer questions about the bikes. Fold-up bikes are becoming more popular and the people’s responses were all so positive. There is a big trend towards bicycles (like it ever stopped?) and folding bikes are a big part of it.

Well, no medals for my wife, but as we drove home we both felt like winners. Get your fold on with the Tern link p9.

Turbo Bob.
“I am a bike enthusiast: there’s a certain amount of romance to bikes. They’re both beautiful and utilitarian.”—Dave Eggers.

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