Brompton for the First-Timer

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I just moved to NYC from Berkeley, California, where I’m used to having lots of storage space, wide roads, and no need to take public transit. Needless to say, while I was expecting adjustments, I had no idea what was about to hit me. When I decided that I needed a bike again, I immediately realized that a standard bike was out of the question: the precious little storage in my sublet is pretty much taken, so I need something that will fit in the nooks and crannies. On top of that, I wanted something that can be easily taken on the subway or the bus, if need be. So, without any prior experience, I first looked at the most popular name in folding bikes: Brompton.

Brompton- most popular folding bike

What jumped out at me right away is that Brompton is easy. That’s the reason it’s the most popular folding bike around. Folding and unfolding the brompton bike is intuitive, and I only needed to ask for help once (fold the seat post in last—it locks everything together). It’s a five-stage process, but with practice, you can do three of those in one smooth movement. And that’s great for me, because I don’t want to miss the bus because I’m struggling with my bike. The R-type has rollers built into the rear rack to make it even easier to move while folded up—you just wheel the bike like a suitcase instead of carrying it.

I took a test ride on a 6-speed Brompton with a rear rack and comfort handlebars. Coming in at just under 3 cubic feet folded volume, it is one of the most compact folding bikes out there; that means you can easily stash your bike in your coat closet, or even under a subway seat! When folded, the chain is tucked away between the different pieces, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally brushing up against it.

BROMPTON Folding bike is compact

The compactness is achieved through the use of 16” wheels. To me, being used to standard 26” wheels, the small ones felt wobbly the first time I got on, but a minute later I adjusted and was zipping away. The six gear ratios offer a surprisingly wide range of speeds—from easy hill-crawler to thigh-burning fast—and changing gears couldn’t be easier with the light thumb levers. Hopping on and off the bike is easy with the low frame, and walking the bike is a snap.

Lightweight folding bikes

There’s so much to love about Brompton bikes: they’re built for convenience, they’re definitely the best for first-time users because they work intuitively and are easy to use, they’re compact enough to put almost anywhere, with a six speed, they’re versatile enough to handle anything the road can throw at you, and at the mid-thousand-dollar price range, you’re getting a durable, quality machine at a great price. See the Brompton Bike for yourself!!!!