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Boy Gets Brompton – Part 12 – Thanks for the Memories

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What started out as a one month test of this Brompton, stretched to three.   I was totally good with that, as I really enjoyed my time with this great bike.   I was sad to see it go, but this little folding bike still has many adventures in store for it.   The end of this article [...]

Boy Gets Brompton Part 11| What a Bike

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It has been quite a run.   Spending time with this Brompton has been a real eye-opener.   It is hard to say what a pleasure this folding bike has been, but I will give it a try. I am not that big on being noticed.   With a bike like this, it is kind of hard to [...]

Boy Gets Brompton, Part 10: Wrap Up

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The title of this blog might be a little deceiving. I was originally planning on having this bike for a month, and writing ten articles about it. Thanks to Bert’s (at NYCeWheels) offer to extend my time with the Brompton, I am now on day 48 of coveting this great folding bike. With more rides [...]

Boy Gets Brompton Part 9: A Brompton of a Different Color

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The more I learn about this Brompton folding bike, the more I like it.   Tooling around, it draws many looks and comments.   Many people have no clue what it is, and some are fully clued in to its charm.   Such is the case with a new friend, Mark.   Owning many bikes, including folders, he likes his [...]

Boy Gets Brompton Part 8: The Axe Must Fall

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If you have been following along with this series, you may have noticed all the positive information I’ve given on this Brompton folding bike.   Part of that is because I am a positive guy.   Part of that is because the Brompton is just that good.   Now it is time to talk about the things I [...]

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