About the folding bike, why bicycles that fold?

Folding bikes may be well known to many people and relatively unknown to countless others. Folding bikes were complete unknown to me until a few months ago when I first started to research folding bikes.

So what got me interested in folding bikes? A good question. Basically, when my father first mentioned to me that he was doing research about electric bikes and that he found out that there were electric bikes that could be folded and put in a trunk, I became fascinated.

He was buying an electric bike for health reasons. I began researching folding bikes because I always loved to ride a bike but knew there was no way I could have a mountain bike in my Manhattan studio apartment unless it was a folding mountain bike.

My ignorance left me completely unaware of the fact that I could in fact buy a folding mountain bike. As I did more research I became fascinated with folding bikes. I learned quickly that there were many different websites that contained some information on folding bikes but few of them had any substantial information.

Taking a cue from my father, I decided I can put together information on folding bikes quickly and easily from what I have learned. If nothing else the information on folding bikes that I put together would be beneficial to me, but it could also help many other people learn about folding bikes and what folding bike may be best for them.

Though retailers seem to provide some basic information on folding bikes, the information they provide is more of a sales pitch than anything else. I knew I had to find a resource for unbiased information on folding bikes – when I found that difficult I decided to create a resource for people looking for information they can trust on folding bikes.

Whether you are just looking for basic information on folding bicycles or whether you are looking to find out what type of electric bike you should buy, we hope that you will find this website helpful.

Our dedication is to providing as much information as we can on folding bicycles – the advancing technology as well as the latest information and news. If a folding bike is being discontinued, we want to tell you. If a folding bike is being introduced on the market we want to tell you about it.

We have a number of different resources for finding out more information on folding bicycles, but one of our best resources on folding bikes is our readers. We always want to hear what you think of folding bikes – the good, the bad, the ugly.

We are confident that you will find the information on these pages helpful in your quest to learn more about folding bikes.

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