Birdy Folding bikes, full suspension folders

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Birdy folding bikes are very well designed and made. German designed by Riese and Muller, the Birdy folding bikes are reliable, compact, sturdy and secure.
The sharp looking and reliable folding bikes by Birdy are well priced for their quality. Though they do not fold quite as compactly as the Brompton lightweight folding bikes, they do fold smaller than many other folding bikes.

The Birdy folding bikes combine form and function. People looking to invest in quality lightweight folding bikes would be wise to consider Birdy folding bikes. Birdy, unlike Brompton, can be combined with an electric bike kit to create electric folding bikes that have the best of both worlds.

Though electric bike kits are easy to install, ideally the folding bikes retailer that you select will also be able to sell and possibly even install the electric bike kit. Some retailers are able to sell completely assembled electric folding bicycles.

The Birdy folding bikes are comfortable and sturdy. When you are in the market for a folding dual suspension bicycle you will find Birdy folding bikes provide you everything you need at a great price.

Birdy folding bikes come in a few different colors including silver, red and ice blue. These folding bikes are as nice to look at as they are to ride and you can be assured that you are on a sturdy and safe bike.

Birdy folding bikes can be stored in closets, offices, car trunks, airplanes and boats easily. Birdy folding bikes fold and unfold quickly and easily and are lightweight enough for you to take wherever you go.

The quality of design of Birdy folding bikes is unmistakable. Birdy folding bikes are definitely among the finest on the market, though they are not as easy to find as other folding bikes.

Some retailers clearly prefer to only sell lower end folding bikes, perhaps because they have higher margins and more sales, however, the premium folding bikes are clearly better purchases in the long run.

Birdy folding bikes should be viewed as an investment – these are folding bikes for the long run. Birdy folding bikes will last you for many years and provide countless hours of use and enjoyment long after cheap folding bikes are no longer usable.

When in the market for folding bikes you will find that Birdy folding bikes, while not as well known as folding bikes from Brompton, Montague, Dahon and others they are reliable safe and well designed.

It seems that the Birdy folding bike is currently not distributed in the US. Check out NYCeWheels selection of currently available folding bikes.