Give a Hoot – Ride a Brompton

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With everything that is going on in the world today, the least any one person can do is to reduce their individual waste and pollution outputs.   It only takes a few minutes to do what is right for our environment.   Filling the recycle bin, cutting back on the energy you use, and keeping the skies clear are important ways to give a better place to live to our future generations.   Riding a bike fits into this mindset perfectly.   Add the benefits to your health and the fact that it is just plain fun, and a bike just makes so much sense.

Bob & Brompton at the beach

Bob & Brompton at the beach

Many people don’t need prodding to ride instead of drive.   Making your bike experience easier will ensure your bike will get more use.   This is where the Brompton bike fits in so perfectly.   The convenience of a folding bike becomes more evident to me everyday.   Any bike will do the job, but a folding bike does it so much better.   If you haven’t seen the light, let’s see if I can flip the switch for you.

Lots of households don’t have the room needed to store a fleet of bikes for each family member.   The super-compact size of the Brompton when folded makes this a non-issue.   And if floor space is limited, several bikes can hang on the wall in the smallest of space.   Under the bed, in the closet, or behind the couch, they will not take up too much precious room.   And if a stairway or elevator is involved, no problem there either.

Concerned about the security of your bike at work?   A folding bike will tuck into any small space.   Lots of work places have parking areas for the bikes and showers for the riders if needed.   Riding your bike to work can become a habit that is hard to break.
Your Brompton folding bike can make public transportation more desirable.   A quick bike ride to the station or stop, then to your final destination after wards can save you time and money.   It will keep one more car off the road and one more drop of our resources available for the years ahead.   You might even show up with a smile.

Keeping your folding bike in the trunk of your car can make for a quick way to enjoy a ride at lunch.   It could save you a bundle in parking fees by letting you take advantage of open spots away from the congestion near your destination.   Or save you from driving in circles until the next parking spot opens up.   It could help you to show up in a timely fashion on that day when gridlock is unavoidable.

And while burning less fuel, you could be saving mucho dollars.   That new Brompton could more than pay for it’s self before you know it.   And that healthy new you might not need as many trips to the doc or the chiropractor.   Who knew that protecting our planet could save you money and make you the buff super-star?   Conservation can be sexy.
Having your bike handy can open new doors for you.   A Brompton gives you that chance.   With a quality bike always at your fingertips, you might set an example that spreads like wildfire.   So park your car, fire up your Brompton, and make a difference in your world.

Give a Hoot–Don’t Pollute–Ride your Brompton

A message from your friendly neighborhood Turbo Bob.

“There are very few real leaders.   They might think of themselves as leaders but through the eyes of their equipiers they are not.”– Eddy Schepers

Don’t worry, we have a spare Brompton in the closet!

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A folding bike comes in handy in all kinds of urban situations and that includes out of town guests. My wife and I have had a revolving door of last minute house guests over the past few weeks and wanted to share some new experiences with them. The challenge was they’d all visited New York City plenty of times before and we’d exhausted all or our normal must see destinations. Then it dawned on us. “Well, we do have an extra Brompton folding bike in the closet!”

The Brompton out in town

The Brompton out in town

Suddenly there was a new way to share the New York experience with our guests while also avoiding all the crowds and long lines at the city’s multitude of tourist destinations. We were able to do something we truly enjoy as well and a spare folding bike was the perfect ticket. Even if we rode full sized bikes during the week, a folding bike adds a whole new element to small apartment guest accommodations. It can fold up and squeeze into the smallest of closets, especially if it’s an ultra compact folder like the Brompton, and easily pulls out when a friend or family member stops by for a little two wheeled adventure. It will fit right next to that old inflatable mattress bed. Just don’t forget the extra helmet!

We were able to unfold all the bikes and hit the pavement within minutes of each of our guests arriving. Not only was it nice to get outside for a ride, but it was doubly enjoyable to see their excitement exploring the city in a whole new way. We took the bike path down along the Hudson, enjoying all the parks along the Upper West Side and grabbing a quick bite at the Boat Basin Cafe, where they didn’t mind at all if we just folded up the bikes and set them next to our table. After a little refreshment, it was back to pedaling along the piers of Midtown Manhattan, taking in the view at the Intrepid Museum, being tempted by The Frying Pan barge bar and eventually pulling off to stroll along the relatively new High Line park in Chelsea.

Folding bike ride to the Intrepid

Folding bike ride to the Intrepid Museum

The whole experience wowed our guests and left them eager to explore even more of the city on our folding bikes. For each of them, this was their first ride on a folding bike and while they were doubtful at first, they ended up loving it. That was especially true once they took a spin on the Brompton. At first glance, it may look too minuscule to be comfortable, but within moments their furrowed brows turned to smiles and childish giggling. The only problem then was getting them back off of it. The show finale came once we got home and they stared in amazement at how easily the Brompton folding bike breaks down and fits right back into the closet… ready for the next ride or house guest to come along.