Dahon JiFo 16- Ultra Lightweight folding bike

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Sometimes you don’t want to ride all the way to work, and sometimes you just can’t because of dangerous roads or impassable roadways! Using a folding bike might be the answer to your conundrum. With a lightweight folding bicycle you can ride to the bus or train station, board your bus or train, then once there just ride that last mile to the office, that coffee shop meeting or class at the university.

Compact Folding Bike, Big Ride

The Dahon JiFo 16 is a compact folding bike that’s great for multi-modal commutes. When folded you can take this folding bike on buses and trains, and if you’re taking a taxi, it’ll fit easily into the back seat or trunk.

With the 16” wheels (the same size as the Brompton folding bike), you’ll get quick acceleration and responsive turning in traffic which is just what you want from a compact folding bike.

Easy to use

Dahon Jifo Folding bike

One of the best things about the Dahon JiFo 16 is the easy folding system, and the tiny footprint once it’s folded away. Once folded down, which takes just about 7 seconds, you’ve got a bike that’s just 23.9″ tall,10″ deep and 23.4″ wide.

The easy folding process of the Dahon JiFo 16 will make your multi-modal commute a snap. Pushing your compact folding bike through a busy transit center is a breeze, and when you get to your bus or train it takes just seven seconds to fold and you’re ready to roll which is important when you’re running a few minutes behind!

Single Speed is all You Need

If you’re riding just a mile or two to and from a transit center, the single speed Dahon JiFo is perfectly suited to get you where you need.

Even with just a single speed, this folding bike is a great lightweight commuter. With no derailleurs, shifters or extra gears, the Dahon JiFo 16 weighs in at a svelte 20lbs, which makes getting up hills that much easier, or lifting your bike into the trunk of a taxi.

The Dahon Jifo is made from Aluminum

The frame and fork of the Dahon JiFo 16 are made from lightweight aluminum, as are the brakes and handle bars. This makes for a sturdy folding bike ride without the extra weight.

You’ll be able to fly up the bike lanes on your way to the office with such a sturdy bike between your legs. The aluminum build ensures less flex and more power where you need it – to the pavement beneath your wheels!

Lightweight and Ultra Portable Folding bike

Dahon Jifo Folding bike

If you’re looking for a lightweight folding bike, the Dahon JiFo 16 is a capable machine. It’s loaded with solid components, and it folds up to become an ultra portable, multi-modal commuter machine. Fold it up, take it on the bus, and ride that last mile to the office with ease.

As an ultra portable folding bike, you’re still getting the Dahon quality you know and expect. The Dahon JiFo 16 can save money on your commuter costs and help you shed a few pounds in the process.


Brompton for a Great Cause

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What do Bromptons and great causes have in common? They both make you feel good. Giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding things you can do and there are so many options.

You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, use your skills to help build a home for someone who may not otherwise have one, or if you are ambitious, organize your own event. The list of ways to give back is endless.

Speaking from first hand, on-the-road experience, giving back to the community, the Brompton is perfect transportation for those volunteer opportunities you find yourself participating in.

Visiting non-profits on the Brompton

Brompton goes Pink!

I’ve been using my Brompton to travel to cancer centers all over the country. I travel to nonprofit organizations that assist survivors of many of life’s challenges.

My most recent stop found me at a local breast cancer coalition. The Brompton looked great sitting in front of the pink ribbon. It also made the trip much more enjoyable. There was the usual excitement from the staff when they saw a Brompton folding bike for the first time.

Every stop I make whether it is a large cancer center, a local cancer survivor support organization, a domestic violence organization, or any one of the other places I may go, there are always curious onlookers that have never seen a folding bike. Then the questions begin.

Can you show me how that folding bike works?

How do you ride something like that? Where did you get it?

Why did you decide to ride a folding bike and not a regular bike?

Brompton speaks for itself

The first thing I do is a demonstration. I unfold, I fold, I unfold and I fold again. There have been stops where I think I have gone through the demo a dozen or more times. I explain all the conveniences that come with commuting on a Brompton bike.

When most bicycle commuters are strategically planning stops according to where they may be able to lock up the bike, I’m just heading to the next stop. I don’t need to worry about locking a folding bike, I fold it and take it with me.

The places I stop usually have an office to tuck the Brompton into or in some cases an officer that is more than willing to make a compact folding bike part of his patrol duty.

I’ve given it to administrative assistants who have tucked it under a desk. It has been behind the receptionist’s desk as I talk to survivors. My Brompton has been in the back of a pick up truck when I got lost on the way to my host family’s home. This folding bike is so compact I’ve put the cover on it and tucked it in front of my feet on long distance train rides and no one even knew it was a bike.

My custom Brompton Bag turns a few heads

Bronmpton Bike Custom Bag!

Suspicious Package!

When I’m really in the mood to mess with people’s minds I have a clear garage storage bag that I found through a friend that is almost the exact size of my folded brompton. The bag has handles that are just long enough for me to able to put the Brompton bike in the bag and sling it over my shoulder.

Try heading up an elevator in an upscale office building with the bike in a bag. It is quite the head turner. I was stopped by someone thinking I had a suspicious package. You can imagine my laughter and their embarrassment when they realized it was a folding bike.

No matter what your reason is for wanting a folding bike, I’m sure there are things you can do that you haven’t even thought of yet. The Brompton will always be part of my charitable efforts. What will you do with your Brompton folding bike? You are only limited by your imagination.