Brompton Bus Travel is Great Way to Explore


How many times have you traveled by bus to a new city and wished you had your bike? With some simple planning, Brompton bus travel just might be the best way to ride!

Before starting your Brompton and bus travel, be sure to look up the luggage policies for the bus line you are taking. Most bus lines do not charge extra for bicycles, even full size bikes, but they usually require that you bike at least be in a sturdy bag. The lightweight Brompton Cover and bag is perfect for bus travel. Once there, fold up your Brompton bike, cover your bike and head to the ticket counter!

My Brompton folding bike at the bus station

My Brompton folding bike at the bus station

When buying your bus ticket it’s best to mention that you have a bicycle with you. Some bus lines require you to tag your luggage and others don’t. Ask if your luggage needs a tag. Also, as you do more bus travel, you might encounter ticket agents that may try to charge you extra for the bike. Simply remind them nicely of the policies on their website. Speak to a manager if they insist they need to charge you extra.

While waiting to board the bus, locate a bus employee and ask if your luggage needs a tag. This is to make double-sure that you can take your Brompton folding bike on the bus. The last thing you want to encounter when handing your ticket to the bus driver is being told you have to go back to the ticket counter for a luggage tag.

As your boarding the bus, roll your Brompton folding bicycle to the baggage handler. I usually make eye contact with this person, offer a pleasant greeting, and then tell them, “this is a bicycle.” I then hand the bicycle to them, and watch them put it on the bus. I’ve done this for many miles of bus travel and I’ve never seen a baggage handler throw or mistreat my bike. Always say “thank you” when dealing with anyone who is handling your folding bike.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’re ready to begin the second half of your Brompton bus travel adventure! Make your way to the side of the bus to retrieve your bike. If you won’t get in the way, point out your luggage to the baggage handler and mention it’s a bike. Again, this just might save your Brompton from a ding or two! Some bus lines don’t have baggage handlers, so you’re free to get your bike yourself. Watch your head, though; I’ve bumped my noggin a few times on the low ceiling in the luggage compartment.

As the passengers get off the bus, bus line employees scurry about and family and friends reunite with their loved ones, find a quiet place to unfold your Brompton. Maybe a curb around the corner, or a few steps away from the main entrance. Do your best to just get out of the way and not bump into anyone with you bike.

Now you can remove the Brompton Cover, unfold your bike, place the cover back in its bag, and get ready to ride. Be very aware of everything around you, though. Stay clear of any bus lanes, and watch out for cars speeding into and out of the parking lot.  The bus station can be a dangerous place for a bicycle, so use caution.

Congratulations! You just rode to a transit hub, hopped on a bus and arrived in a new town with your folding bike. I’ve been doing full sized bike and bus travel for awhile now, but Brompton bus travel is by far the best way to get around.

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Fantasy Vacations on a Folding Travel Bike: Mediterranean

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Folding travel bikes are great for bike touring.To start off, let’s get one thing straight: there is no better way to see the world than from the seat of a bike, especially a folding bike. That’s because bike tourism gives you a freedom you can’t get anywhere else. It’s just you, your folding travel bicycle, and the open road. Talk about an adventure! I’ve been thinking about what cool vacations I could take with a folding travel bike. Now I want to share the fantasies with you.

Part one, folding travel bikes on the Mediterranean!

For number one in this 3 part series, let’s say I’ve flown to destination X, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean. Now I want to see the sights, but I don’t know how to get around. I would rent a bike, only I don’t speak the language very well and I don’t know where to go. This is the perfect time for a compact travel bike to shine. Luckily, I thought of this before I left and found a great folding travel bike to take with me.

Let’s say my folding travel bike is a Brompton, which fit right into my suitcase, so there was no trouble with luggage at the airport. In fact, I could have ridden right up the the terminal entrance and stashed it for check in! It is reassuring to know that it is safe from damage and will be there at the baggage claim when I arrive.

Once I’ve landed I can take a cab right from the airport to my hotel. Any cab will do, my compact travel bike fits into the trunk with room to spare. It’s a short ride to the hotel. When I arrive, I can’t wait to get out and see the city.

Getting around on a compact folding bike

With a smile, I pull my folding travel bike from my suitcase. It’s light enough to carry with one hand, so I grab my camera and head to the street. Unfolding it is a snap. After a few seconds of dazzling folding action, possibly gathering a crowd of curious on-lookers, I get in the saddle and start exploring.

Being on a folding travel bike gives me the option to come and go as I please. On a whim, I stop at a shop. The owner lets me bring the folded bike inside, it hardly takes up any space at all. After some shopping it’s off to an outdoor cafe, where I park the folding travel bike right next to my table. With no need to coordinate my schedule with public transit or find a cab I can take as long as I want. Getting around is as easy as unfolding my compact travel bike and pointing it in the right direction.

After a full day of riding around the city, taking in the sights on my folding travel bike, I decide to head back to the hotel. When I arrive, I take the travel bicycle right up to my room. It’s safer there than leaving it outside in an unfamiliar city. Now all that’s left to do is tuck it back into my suit case. Pretty neat, huh?

Folding travel bikes are the icing on the cake.

There are many occasions where a folding travel bike can turn a hum-drum vacation into an engaging personal adventure. The best folding travel bike for the job is a Brompton folding bike. These folding bikes are incredibly durable, super compact when folded, and a pleasure to ride. Next time you think about traveling, think about folding travel bikes! Read more about folding bike travel and take a look at some of our great folding travel bikes.

Check back for 3 Fantasy Vacations on a Folding Bike, Part 2 later in the week!