Demano Bags on Folding Bikes!

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Elvia with Dahon Ciao and Demano Bag

Elvia with her Dahon Ciao and Demano Bag

It was one of those lovely Sunday afternoons and I was planning to go out with my Dahon Ciao D5 folding bike and enjoy the great weather when I received a Demano Bag from my friends at NYCeWheels! I didn’t think twice, took all my belongings (yes, women carry a lot of things) and began my bike ride.

I was just amazed at how I still had free space for shopping, even with an inner pocket for my wallet and cell phone. The Demano Bag looked very nice on my folding bike!

My surprise was not over yet, I had in my hands a unique bag made from recycled PVC advertising banners.  It’s Eco friendly and to top it off, waterproof as well!

Demano Bags are designed with weather resistant materials!

All Demano bags have been designed with weather resistant materials for cycling and urban activities, and attach to the bicycle frame via a luggage truss. You can also simply carry your Demano Bag by hand when it is not attached to the bike; so it has two uses. If you think this model is better for women, do not worry; they have other designs and all of them can be adapted to any bicycle. Whether you have a Brompton, Dahon, Tern or another fantastic folding bike, a Demano Bag will fit perfectly; and if this were not enough, NYCeWheels has all the carrying frames, trusses and adapters to fit your bicycle.

Demano Bag has great colors, great design!

Regarding the colors, they can be bright or subdued and if you are more conservative they have the classic black & white too. Demano Bags are made from display banners, often with bold prints and cool graphics, so each bag is different. My Demano Bag has various soft colors with a cool design that absolute matches my blue Dahon Ciao D5 folding bicycle.

I really love it and I am positive that nobody will be disappointed! Just contact the guys at NYCeWheels to check out the Demano Brompton Bags; and why not?! Reserve them as a cool gift for any bike lover!



Dahon Ciao D5: My best experience ever.

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Wow wow wow! These were my words the moment I rode the Dahon Ciao D5. After a long time of not riding a bicycle (about 10 years), it was just perfect. I need to confess, having grown up in Panama, a country where my lifestyle was different, I never thought I would feel the desire to have a bike!

My tour started on Saturday leaving the Upper East Side with the NYCeWheels guys: Roberto, Peter & Jack –experts on folding bikes- the Ciao D5 made me feel like one of them!

Taking the Ciao D5 to dinner

Dahon Ciao D5

Dahon Ciao D5

My ride was easy, comfortable and awesome! And it only got better when we stopped for dinner. I could fold the Dahon Ciao in seconds and even go inside the restaurant with the folding bike. It was right next to me without taking up any space at all! What a delight not having to worry about looking for a space to lock your bike in the crowded East Village at night!

20 miles total on the Ciao D5 … piece of cake!

It was time to go home to DUMBO and I was thinking about climbing the Manhattan Bridge for the first time, but I shouldn’t have been worried! The 5 gears of the Dahon Ciao D5 made it simple and smooth; I was enjoying the beauty of the city without thinking of “when will I get home.” You better believe that the next day I woke up ready to ride in Manhattan and take in the scenery. Cruising down the city’s bike lanes, there wasn’t a hill, car or rain storm that could stop me!

Dahon Ciao D5 …. All in one!

This bike has a lot of benefits! It is fully equipped with a rear rack, fenders, chain guard, step through frame and the best, it is easy to park! Not to mention that the handlebar and seat have an excellent position for my back. You will never feel any pain even if you have had a surgery as I have.

If you would like to try it, just pass by NYCeWheels! You will not regret having a ride in the Big Apple on this awesome folding bike. Come ride the Dahon Ciao D5 today!


The Dahon Ciao! D5, a folding bike for commuting or for fun

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The Dahon Ciao! D5, Dahon folding bike in many ways is designed with the city commuter in mind; this all-purpose folding bike features fenders, a chain guard (no grease on your work clothes!), rear battery lights, a luggage rack perfect for strapping down a briefcase or computer bag, and fat tires for the occasional stretch of cobblestone or rough road. There are no breakable components left exposed on the Dahon Ciao! D5 either. With the 5-speed Sturmey Archer internal hub gearing and practical twist-grip shifting, this folding bike could be put through the trials of a daily commute without worrying about damage to a fragile derailleur.

But the Dahon Ciao! D5 folding bike is also meant for relaxation and fun. Its step- through frame design brings to mind the old cruiser bikes, although with plenty of improvements. So when Bert asked me to take the Ciao! D5 out for a test ride, the West Side greenway immediately came to mind as the perfect proving ground for this laid-back folding bike. With the evening temperature a balmy 30-something degrees F (it felt balmy anyway, after the last few days of arctic cold) I rode cross town after work, doing a quick half loop in the park before picking up the greenway at 72nd Street.

The Ciao! D5 sits pretty on a west side pier

The first thing I noticed about the Ciao! D5 was the gearing. Wow, having 5 speeds on an internal hub really makes a world of difference. There are none of those abrupt jumps common with a 3-speed hub. With two extra intermediate gears, the Ciao! D5 has a range of gearing options for almost any rider and any terrain: two lower gears for hills and climbing, a middle gear for level ground cruising, and two higher gears for downhills and the acceleration bursts necessary from time-to-time.

Cruising down the greenway past the pleasure boats docked at the marina just felt right on the Ciao! D5. This folding bike would be perfect on a boat or in an RV. The step- through frame ensures the Ciao! D5 will work for riders of all sizes and abilities, so it could be fun for the whole family.

I had the chance to test the fold on the Ciao! D5 at the end of my ride, when I arrived to the West Village for dinner with friends. All folded up the Ciao! stowed nicely next to the table while we ate. After dinner, hopping on the subway with my girlfriend, the Ciao! D5 was no problem on a packed E train either. Lighter and more portable than its predecessor cousin – the Ciao! P8 – the Ciao! D5 would be great for a split commute, part train ride, part bike ride.

And so we come full circle: whether you’re looking for a practical commuter, a recreational bike, or both, the Dahon Ciao! D5 may be the folding bike for you.

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