Dahon Formula for speed

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Dahon formula folding bikeSettling into the saddle of the Dahon Formula S18 is like getting to know your superhero sidekick. The ultra-stiff and lightweight folding bike is so responsive to your movements, it feels like an extension of your body, and the thin road tires keep you racing straight. I found that all I had to do was point this elegant white bike where I wanted it to go, and think that I wanted it to go there, and we would be off at light-speed.

High performance parts

Dahon formula folding bikeIn one sense, this folding bike’s high performance level can be attributed to its quality parts. Slick Microshift Thumb Tap shifters control Shimano derailleurs, and the SRAM disc brakes were responsible for this bike’s crazy stopping power. I mean, I could go from 25 mph to full stop in what felt like about three inches. Between the excellent components, the frame’s speed-oriented design, and the 20-inch wheels, I found myself darting around with an agility I have not experienced with many other bicycles.

Dahon’s quality hinges and frame

Dahon was one of the first companies to develop folding bikes to a fine art, and the Formula S18 features the same reliable hinges and folding method as the rest of Dahon’s folding bikes. In its fully compact mode, the bike is a dense little bundle which could Dahon formula folding bikeeasily fit beneath a desk or in a closet when not in use. The Dahon’s ability to compact to such an unobtrusive size, along with its exceptionally solid-feeling frame, made me think that this bike could be comfortable in a variety of roles, from weekend joy rides, to aggressive distance biking.

I was not ready to give up the Formula by the end of my test ride. At the end of the day, it is an enviably well-made racer, but its frame is solid enough that the Dahon Formula S18 is capable of any length commutes.

Dahon Ciao D5: My best experience ever.

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Wow wow wow! These were my words the moment I rode the Dahon Ciao D5. After a long time of not riding a bicycle (about 10 years), it was just perfect. I need to confess, having grown up in Panama, a country where my lifestyle was different, I never thought I would feel the desire to have a bike!

My tour started on Saturday leaving the Upper East Side with the NYCeWheels guys: Roberto, Peter & Jack –experts on folding bikes- the Ciao D5 made me feel like one of them!

Taking the Ciao D5 to dinner

Dahon Ciao D5

Dahon Ciao D5

My ride was easy, comfortable and awesome! And it only got better when we stopped for dinner. I could fold the Dahon Ciao in seconds and even go inside the restaurant with the folding bike. It was right next to me without taking up any space at all! What a delight not having to worry about looking for a space to lock your bike in the crowded East Village at night!

20 miles total on the Ciao D5 … piece of cake!

It was time to go home to DUMBO and I was thinking about climbing the Manhattan Bridge for the first time, but I shouldn’t have been worried! The 5 gears of the Dahon Ciao D5 made it simple and smooth; I was enjoying the beauty of the city without thinking of “when will I get home.” You better believe that the next day I woke up ready to ride in Manhattan and take in the scenery. Cruising down the city’s bike lanes, there wasn’t a hill, car or rain storm that could stop me!

Dahon Ciao D5 …. All in one!

This bike has a lot of benefits! It is fully equipped with a rear rack, fenders, chain guard, step through frame and the best, it is easy to park! Not to mention that the handlebar and seat have an excellent position for my back. You will never feel any pain even if you have had a surgery as I have.

If you would like to try it, just pass by NYCeWheels! You will not regret having a ride in the Big Apple on this awesome folding bike. Come ride the Dahon Ciao D5 today!


Dahon Ciao D5 – First Look Review

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If you’re looking to get into cycling, but have felt comfortable swinging your leg over the seat of a bike, the Dahon Ciao D5 might be the perfect bike for you. It has all the portability and functionality of a Dahon folding bike, but with a unique frame design that makes getting on the bike a lot easier, and a whole lot more comfortable.

Dahon Ciao folding bicycle

Dahon Ciao folding bicycle

To start, the Dahon Ciao D5 is built around sturdy 20” wheels, which keeps the bike nice and low to the ground, but also gives a smooth and comfortable ride compared to similar folding bikes with smaller wheels.

Ciao D5 has a reliable Sturmey Archer hub

For climbing hills and zipping around town, the Dahon Ciao D5 has a lightweight 5 speed Sturmey-Archer internal hub, which makes the shifting system virtually maintenance free. The range of gearing is large enough to get you up most any hill during your commute, or when you’re just out riding on the board walk or bike paths through the park.

The comfort you feel when riding a Dahon Ciao D5 is the same as you would expect form any other Dahon folding bike. You get a rock solid aluminum frame, just like other models, and even with the the low-hinge design, this bike can handle city streets and cracked pavement with ease. You’ll feel very comfortable on this bike with the BioLogic Ergo grips and BioLogic Como saddle.

Dahon Ciao is fully loaded

The Dahon Ciao D5 comes with lots of extras, as well. An included rear rack is perfect for hauling a small bag of groceries from the corner market, or a small stack of books from the library. The front and rear fenders will keep you dry if you happen to get caught in a rain shower or splash through some puddles. The chain guard will keep your pant legs clean, and the Dahon Double stand kickstand makes for easy parking when you arrive at your destination.

When you’re doing riding, you can fold the Dahon Ciao D5 in less than 20 seconds. With the bike fully folded, it is a compact 13.3 inches deep, 28.9 inches tall, and 25.7 inches wide. At that size you’ll be able to stow it in your back seat or trunk with ease, or just pick it up and take it on the subway, train or bus with hardly any fuss at all.

Ciao folding bike perfect for leisure

In all, the Dahon Ciao D5 is the perfect folding bike if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort when riding along the boardwalk, the bike paths and leisurely trips to the market. With the equipped rear rack and fenders you’ve got a bike that is made for everyday riding, and with the low, step-through design of the frame, this is a great folding bike that you’ll be comfortable riding for years to come.

Ready for the ride of your dreams, then check out this awesome folding bike: the Ciao D5!

Dahon Formula S18 Review

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Dahon Formula folding bike

Dahon Formula folding bike

Commuting to work on a folding bike is a joy when you’re riding a sharp looking bike that is also loaded with well-made components. Such a bike is even better when buying one doesn’t empty your bank account, too! The Dahon Formula S18 is the perfect blend of technology, quality components and lower cost.


You’ll be amazed at how well this bike rides, with it’s sturdy 20” wheels and solid frame design that we’ve come to know and love from Dahon. This is an excellent folding bike that you can incorporate into your morning commute with ease.

High Quality Components

What good is a commuter bike if you’re worried about cheap parts? With the Dahon Formula S18, you won’t have to worry about such things. It was an absolute pleasure to write this review of the Dahon Formula. It is loaded with high quality components all the way around. This bike comes equipped with front and read Sram DB BB5 disc brakes, and Schwalbe Kojak tires mounted on aluminum WTB rims. That’s one effective means of slowing down and stopping on a dime when you need to!

And don’t overlook the high quality components throughout the drive train. You get front and rear Shimano derailleurs and a double chain ring crank set, all built around a sturdy 7005 double-butted aluminum frame. The Dahon Formula S18 is built to go fast, and built to last. At about 25 lbs to Formula isn’t the lightest folding bike, but it’s not overly heavy either.

Bad Weather? No problem!

Don’t let the snow, sleet, or freezing rain impede your morning commute! The front and rear disc brakes perform excellent in bad weather, ensuring you’ll come to a complete stop no matter what sort of conditions you find yourself riding through on your way home from work.

And don’t let the bad weather slow down your pedaling! The Dahon Formula S18 comes with VP 529 non-slip pedals, ensuring that you’re able to keep rolling along in wet conditions.

Comfortable Riding

The Dahon Formula S18 comes with an adjustable stem, allowing you to dial in the height of the handle bars to suit your riding style, allowing for a more comfortable ride.

Add in the Dahon Comfort saddle and you’ll not only be riding a style, but you’ll probably be the most comfortable bike commuter on the bike path every morning. For a folding bike, the Formula S18 is fast and rides like a dream over a variety of urban conditions.

Low Cost, Big Ride

All these great features in a folding bike come at a higher price, right? Nope! The Dahon Formula S18 is high in performance, but low in cost. You’re getting a great bike for a price that won’t empty your bank account.

Bike companies usually skimp on components to trim costs, but Dahon did the opposite here, outfitting the Formula S18 with great parts all around, and yet still manages to keep this a low cost ride in the world of folding bikes.

The Dahon Formula S18 is an excellent folding bicycle for anyone looking to get into bike commuting who still wants a sleek looking ride.

Dilemma: World Travel, Answer: Folding bike?

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Here I am with my Non-Folding bike

Here I am with my Non-Folding bike

To fold or not to fold, that is the question? I have started an epic journey around the world representing cancer survivors with a full size bike. An epic challenge for a cancer survivor and someone who has repeatedly beat the odds. I am a survivor on a mission, delivering Unlimited Smileage to survivors around the world.

As I travel I am not always sure where the journey may lead. Most recently, I needed to take a side trip, that didn’t involve riding, and much to my dismay my bike could only go along for a portion of that trip. That was when I first started questioning my full size bike and wondering did I need to research a folding bicycle. You see Amtrak is only partially bicycle friendly. I would either need to go partially to my destination and then find someone with a truck to pick me up for the remainder of the trip or find some alternative means of transportation.

On the folding bike hunt

I must be honest, I don’t know much about folding bicycles but I am fast learning. Currently I am in the process of comparing brands and have narrowed down the options to the hand crafted folding bicycles. I think if you are going to fold the bike, quality matters. I looked at mass produced folding bicycles, however I really don’t want a folding bike that was manufactured on an assembly line somewhere. The way I look at it, I have survived many obstacles in life, I am worth the best.


My research into folding bicycles began with the typical google search and at first that was a bit overwhelming. I remembered friends who are traveling with Brompton folding bikes and started reading more on their adventures and knew that the experiences they were having were all relatively positive. I knew that meant Brompton folding bikes needed to be on my list of bikes to research. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone riding the other brands so I needed to search for reviews on folding bikes to get more info.

Traveling would be easier with a folding bicycle

I didn’t really want to inconvenience anyone and don’t know many people with vehicles big enough to transport a full size bike equipped with racks for touring. A folding bicycle would fit in the smallest of cars. I researched Greyhound, just in case there were other immediate solutions, not bicycle friendly at all. Folding bikes were looking better all the time as the only other options were to leave the bike behind or ship it. I really didn’t want to leave it behind so shipping seemed as though it would be the only viable option. So after $120 and quite a bit of hard work, I am in one place and my bike and panniers are at my next destination. This was certainly not what I consider ideal but it was the easiest solution to my dilemma.

I am doing my due diligence here, after all this is an unexpected expense and the journey needs to continue. I do know from the information I have gathered thus far, if I had owned a folding bike when I needed to make this side trip, I would have been able to take it on Amtrak as carry on. My bike and I would currently be in the same place.

Picking the right folding bike

Now this dilemma has brought me here, researching a solution for the future. I know other riders who have had similar dilemmas with transporting a full size bike and I want this trip to be about the cause not about causing me stress. I am clearly at a crossroad, a fork in the road, a bend…hmm, maybe a fold. More on my journey to follow.

I’ve been eying a custom built Brompton folding bike though….

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