Gene’s Brompton Commute

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Thanks to Gene who wrote us this great email describing his commutes on the Brompton bike. I say email, but really it’s more of a beautifully written piece of prose packed with great information. Check it out below:

Gene's Brompton Bike Commute“G’day, Peter.

Thanks for the opportunity for being a sort for ambassador for NYCeWheels. I’m out there in the city everyday with the Brompton and I’ve given away plenty of NYCeWheels cards within the past few months of knowing you. I’m that happy a customer and I’d be proud to represent you.

It amazes me how well a folding bicycle has integrated into my particular NJ-NY commute. I’m a multi-modal commuter who makes the daily journey from suburbia to Port Authority to work and back again. The bus knocks out 26 miles from my day stress-free, but still leaves me 5 miles to manage by other means. I’ve traversed it initially with subway, later by walking, and eventually using my old mountain bike, but the best solution I’ve found was a Brompton introduced to and sold to me by NYCeWheels.

Now there’s no more need for pick-ups and drop-offs at the bus stop. No more throwing the bike in the underfloor compartment of the bus. No more stifling subways cars or congested sidewalks. No more daily contributions to the MTA.

Taking a Brompton on Public Transit


Infusing pleasure into travel

Brompton bikes storageWhat can be said about cycling everywhere is that it infuses pleasure into the travel. What I enjoy most out of all this is that the commute is now a highlight of my day. In contrast, walking or taking the subway was something I had to get over with. I used to be upset if I walked into work with sweat on my back. These days I’m rolling into work a little out of breath and sweating beads of pure satisfaction. I’ve gone beyond needing to cover those miles to wanting to cover those miles, and I admit I occasionally jump off the bus a few stops early so I have more miles to bike home.

A bicycle is liberating, but a folding bicycle grants me even more access than I thought possible. It’s been by my side in the supermarket, at the bank, at the convenience store, at the barber shop, in a packed subway car heading into Chinatown, and at my desk at work.

Accomplish more with a folding bike!

Commuter folding bikeOften discreet and always quick, it deserves the title of “sidekick”. I can accomplish more things in the day than if I were limited to public transportation and walking, and I can accomplish surprisingly more with my folding bicycle than I can with the limitations of a fixed bicycle.

I have yet to be denied my folding bicycle in an establishment. Sitting in a fully packed bus during rush hour with my brompton bike, my bag, and my helmet all on my lap makes me smile with a sense of satisfaction.

Thanks again.”