IF Mode Folding Bike: A Sleek, Smooth Ride

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IF Mode Folding bike

Peter riding his IF Mode

When someone says folding bike, the first image that usually comes to mind is a small-wheeled folder with a low top-tube and tall handlebars and seat post. These bikes have been called “clown bikes” by ignorant cyclists, unwilling to give the small-wheeled bike a chance. Despite being in the minority, folding bikes have an advantage over full-size bikes: portability. They can be stored in closets, in overhead compartments on trains, and in the trunk of a car. Traditionally, the trade-off for one of these compact folders is the small wheels, and there was no way to get a full-size bike with such a compact fold. Until the IF Mode folding bike.

IF Mode is the Best of Both Worlds

A 26″ bike, the IF Mode has the same riding style as a standard mountain bike. The tires are tough, and it has front and rear disc brakes for better stopping power. The solid aluminum frame can handle an everyday commuter, and when it needs to be stored somewhere, it can fold down to a compact form, with a handle to roll it along on its wheels. It’s the only folding bike with a full-size frame that has the ability to fold down to such a compact size.

The entire folding process takes about 10 seconds. Just open a latch on the middle of the bike, and swing the front wheel back to lock against the rear. Push down the seat, flip down the handlebars and pedals, and you’re done! Grab the handle on the top and push the bike along on its wheels. It’s great for train rides or RV storage, as well as a studio apartment in a big city.

The IF Mode is Maintenance Free

IF Mode Folding Bike

Peter and his IF Mode

Standard bicycles, if they are ridden daily, require a lot of maintenance. Constantly checking spokes, lubricating the chain, and adjusting the brakes is necessary to keep a bike in top shape, especially on rough city streets. With the IF Mode folding bike, there is virtually nothing to worry about. The unique wheels use three aluminum flanges, instead of spokes, so the wheel will never get jostled out of alignment. The disc brakes are also more effective than rim brakes, and don’t have to be replaced as often. Need to fix a flat? No problem. These wheels don’t even have to be removed. Just pull the tire off of one side and you can install a new tube.

The entire drivetrain of the IF Mode is concealed inside of the frame. There’s no problems with messy chain grease, skipping gears, or the chain falling off. Want to change gears? Just kick the button on the crank with your heel. The high gear is for fast, flat roads, while the low gear is for super steep hills. This unique gear system is called a Schlumpf drive, and was developed in Switzerland. It is also designed to be free of maintenance issues.

Riding an IF Mode folding bike is like riding a Cadillac. It’s super smooth and durable, in addition to looking like a piece of modern art. It’s a bike that will definitely be noticed.

Although they’re hard to track down (most stores are sold out), NYCeWheels in New York has both a black and a white version of the IF Mode folding bike.