Hey Sis, lets go ride a folding bike or four!

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Last week, my sister came to visit me from Washington State and asked if I would think of something fun for us to do. “Well… we could check out a bunch of folding bikes from my work and go on an epic JOY RIDE.” Done and Done.

Folding Bikes for the Ladies

My sister, Lydia, met me at NYCeWheels on a beautiful Friday afternoon accompanied by two of her close friends, Celie, and Sheena. Celie Dan and Charlie Sheena were my mnemonics to remember their names, which earned me wry looks from the girls. After browsing the folding bikes at the shop, we left the store with four of our favorites: the Tern Link D8, Tern Verge Duo, Montague Boston 8, and Dahon Mu P8.

Strapping our helmets in place, we glanced around one last time, giving each other meaningful stares and solemn nods, this was going to be epic.

Celie Dan rides the Verge Duo

Tern Verge Duo

Tern Verge Duo

We got off to a bit of a bumpy start. Celie, who didn’t have a lot of experience with bikes, decided to take the Tern Verge Duo because she liked the look, but didn’t realize that this was one of the more unique bikes in the shop— a dual speed with an automatic shifter and a heel brake. It took a few blocks before she got used to stepping back on the pedals to stop the bike, but soon she was speeding ahead of the group, smiling every time the automatic shifter kicked her into second gear. “It really felt like the bike was reading my mind” she told me after the ride, “the verge duo was my favorite.”

Charlie Sheena on the Boston 8

Montague Boston 8

Montague Boston 8

Before the ride, Sheena walked into the shop and told the guy working the floor that she wanted to go fast. “You want to go fast yeah?” he said in a low voice raising his eyebrows, “I could tell you were the adventuresome type, you’ll want the Montague Boston 8.” Shameless flirting. But he was right. The Montague Boston 8 is the fastest folding bike of the four we chose. Unlike most folding bikes, the Montague Boston 8 has full sized 700c wheels and a flat top tube that makes for a smoother, more aerodynamic and faster ride. And it still folds into a small portable package— just release a lever on the top tube and the bike folds in half, making in portable enough to store anywhere, or fit in the trunk of your car. We all took turns riding the Montague Boston 8 and it was a big hit with the group.

Tern Link D8 saves the day

Sheena on the Tern Link D8

Sheena on the Tern Link D8

What the Montague doesn’t have is a place to secure a purse, which was starting to create real problems when Sheena found she was unable to make turns and keep her purse on her shoulder at the same time. At the time, I was riding the Tern Link D8 which comes fit with a rear rack. We switched bikes, and Sheena took a moment to secure EVERYONE’S purse to the rear rack using the bungee cables on the back of the Link D8. I wouldn’t have believed it were possible to secure three full sized purses to the back of a single folding bike, but, there you go. Tern Link D8 to the rescue.

Smooooth Sailing! Er…. Biking!

One the Riverside Bike path with our folding bikes

After Charlie Sheena got the purses secured, the rest was smooth sailing. We took 86th street over to Central park and the spent an hour having a blast weaving around the bike paths. The girls were all wearing black and we felt like some kind of hardcore folding-biker gang as we cruised down to the Hudson. At the end of the day, we returned the folding bikes to the shop after 6 full hours of riding with big goofy smiles on our faces. An amazing, amazing day.


Montague Boston 8 Review

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Are you looking for a folding bike with the comfort and handling of a full-size bike? Well, the Montague Boston 8 is all that and a bit more. This folding bike handles rough city pavement and gravel bike paths with ease as you roll along on a pair of 700c wheels. You’ll zip by taxi’s and tame the hills along your commute to work with the 8 speed drive train. The matte black paint job, flat handle bars, and clean lines make this a slick bike perfect for any urban adventure.

The Boston 8— 700c Wheels, Big Comfort

The Montague Boston 8 folding bicycle is equipped with the same size wheels that you would find on road race bikes. These big wheels roll over cracks and debris much easier than smaller wheels found on other folding bikes, and they soak up bumps letting you ride faster and farther.

Eight Speed Folding Bike

One of the things that distinguishes the Montague Boston 8 from the other Montague folding bikes is that it comes equipped with an advanced Shimano Nexus internal gear 8-speed hub. This internal shifting system is perfect for wet weather riding, and keeps out any sort of debris. The matching Shimano shifter means you’ll enjoy many miles of accurate shifting, no matter what type of weather you’re riding in. The 8-speed hub provides a wide range of gears, too, making it perfect for long hauls up and over the bridge on the way to work or navigating around any rush-hour traffic.

The Boston 8 folds up small

The Montague Boston 8 folds down in a mere 20 seconds, down to a size of 36” wide, 28” high, and 12” deep. For a folding bike, this is small enough to stow in a car trunk or back seat, and when you get the Boston 8 home it can be stored in a closet or tucked away in a garage. That’s just one of the many benefits of a folding bicycle!

Comfortable Folding Bike ride

When riding a folding bike, you want a frame with minimal flexing and a full-sized folding bike like the Montague Boston 8 is rock solid. Go ahead and stand up to pedal and you’ll notice the rigid frame, which gives you the confidence for sprints to the next stop-light, or simply to complete the bike path loop at your favorite park.

In summary, the Montague Boston 8 makes a perfect urban commuting bike and weekend adventure machine. On the the streets or the trails, this folding bike is loaded with quality components and with the eight speed hub you’ll be zipping to work or along the bike paths with ease. When done, fold down the Montague Boston 8 in just about 20 seconds and it fits nicely in your vehicle for the ride home. Anyone looking for a comfortable full sized ride with the added flexibility of a folding bike, the Montague Boston 8 is the perfect choice.