Folding Bikes With Adjustable Stems

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There are many reasons to want an adjustable handlebar system on your new folding bike. Some people just have a very precise feel that they are going for in their bike, and want to be able to dial in their preferred exact fit. This is one of the best things about bikes with an adjustable stem. Want to go for an around-town cruise? Raise those bars for a nice upright feel. Jonesing for some speed? Lower those handles for a sporty feel. There are many other practical uses for adjustable handlebars, too. If you want all the members of your family to be able to use the same bike, you’ll need to be able to change the bike’s dimensions on the fly. Likewise, I have met many customers who opt for a bike with an adjustable stem in order to alleviate back pain from riding–generally a higher handlebar setup puts less stress on the rider’s back.

If you fall into one of these categories, or want adjustable handlebars for a different reason, here is a breakdown of your options.

Dahon: Simple and Easy

Dahon Vitesse with a telescoping stemDahon’s handlebar stem adjustment system is fairly well known and quite straightforward. By using the same quick-release system that most seatposts utilize, You can change the height of the handlebars on popular bikes like the Mariner D7 and Ciao D5 quite substantially. In fact, these bars probably have the widest range of heights of any in the shop. The functionality of this stem design does double duty in helping Dahons to fold as compactly as possible. The trade-off is that the quick release mechanism allows for a bit more flex than would ordinarily be present in a solid, single-piece stem. This translates into a slightly less efficient biking experience. Still, for most, this is more than worth the wide range of adjustment.

Tern: Smooth and Secure

Tern Eclipse S11i with Andros adjustable stemAlthough Tern’s patented Andros stem is not available on all models (though it is becoming increasingly more common), it definitely makes for a great riding experience on bikes such as the Tern Eclipse S11i and Link P24h. Instead of Dahon’s system, which moves straight up and down, the Tern stem rotates around the top of the stem, allowing for up, down, forward, and backward adjustments. Though the Andros system does not allow for nearly as much height adjustment, the added axes allow for a more subtle adjustment of feel, from a forward-and-low racing position to a swept-back cruiser-like position. The proprietary quick-release locking mechanism is rock solid, and doesn’t feel like it affects the bike’s efficiency at all.

Montague: Fast and Useful

Crosstown OctagonA few of Montague’s wonderful full sized folding bikes come equipped with their own Octagon stem adjustment system, in which a conventional quick release lever and security latch allow for about 8 inches of adjustment in handlebar height. I’ve noticed the Octagon is particularly popular among customers with back pain, as it comes pre-installed on such speedy, road-ready bikes as the Crosstown, Navigator, and will soon come on the Boston 8 as well. This makes these Montagues a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice speed and athleticism by letting their bad backs hobble them into riding slow, clunky cruisers.

From my experience, an adjustable handlebar stem is one of the most appreciated features found in folding bikes. Almost anyone who buys a bike with this kind of adjustability will certainly find themselves using it to great effect. So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of folding bikes today!

Hey Sis, lets go ride a folding bike or four!

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Last week, my sister came to visit me from Washington State and asked if I would think of something fun for us to do. “Well… we could check out a bunch of folding bikes from my work and go on an epic JOY RIDE.” Done and Done.

Folding Bikes for the Ladies

My sister, Lydia, met me at NYCeWheels on a beautiful Friday afternoon accompanied by two of her close friends, Celie, and Sheena. Celie Dan and Charlie Sheena were my mnemonics to remember their names, which earned me wry looks from the girls. After browsing the folding bikes at the shop, we left the store with four of our favorites: the Tern Link D8, Tern Verge Duo, Montague Boston 8, and Dahon Mu P8.

Strapping our helmets in place, we glanced around one last time, giving each other meaningful stares and solemn nods, this was going to be epic.

Celie Dan rides the Verge Duo

Tern Verge Duo

Tern Verge Duo

We got off to a bit of a bumpy start. Celie, who didn’t have a lot of experience with bikes, decided to take the Tern Verge Duo because she liked the look, but didn’t realize that this was one of the more unique bikes in the shop— a dual speed with an automatic shifter and a heel brake. It took a few blocks before she got used to stepping back on the pedals to stop the bike, but soon she was speeding ahead of the group, smiling every time the automatic shifter kicked her into second gear. “It really felt like the bike was reading my mind” she told me after the ride, “the verge duo was my favorite.”

Charlie Sheena on the Boston 8

Montague Boston 8

Montague Boston 8

Before the ride, Sheena walked into the shop and told the guy working the floor that she wanted to go fast. “You want to go fast yeah?” he said in a low voice raising his eyebrows, “I could tell you were the adventuresome type, you’ll want the Montague Boston 8.” Shameless flirting. But he was right. The Montague Boston 8 is the fastest folding bike of the four we chose. Unlike most folding bikes, the Montague Boston 8 has full sized 700c wheels and a flat top tube that makes for a smoother, more aerodynamic and faster ride. And it still folds into a small portable package— just release a lever on the top tube and the bike folds in half, making in portable enough to store anywhere, or fit in the trunk of your car. We all took turns riding the Montague Boston 8 and it was a big hit with the group.

Tern Link D8 saves the day

Sheena on the Tern Link D8

Sheena on the Tern Link D8

What the Montague doesn’t have is a place to secure a purse, which was starting to create real problems when Sheena found she was unable to make turns and keep her purse on her shoulder at the same time. At the time, I was riding the Tern Link D8 which comes fit with a rear rack. We switched bikes, and Sheena took a moment to secure EVERYONE’S purse to the rear rack using the bungee cables on the back of the Link D8. I wouldn’t have believed it were possible to secure three full sized purses to the back of a single folding bike, but, there you go. Tern Link D8 to the rescue.

Smooooth Sailing! Er…. Biking!

One the Riverside Bike path with our folding bikes

After Charlie Sheena got the purses secured, the rest was smooth sailing. We took 86th street over to Central park and the spent an hour having a blast weaving around the bike paths. The girls were all wearing black and we felt like some kind of hardcore folding-biker gang as we cruised down to the Hudson. At the end of the day, we returned the folding bikes to the shop after 6 full hours of riding with big goofy smiles on our faces. An amazing, amazing day.


Demano Bags on Folding Bikes!

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Elvia with Dahon Ciao and Demano Bag

Elvia with her Dahon Ciao and Demano Bag

It was one of those lovely Sunday afternoons and I was planning to go out with my Dahon Ciao D5 folding bike and enjoy the great weather when I received a Demano Bag from my friends at NYCeWheels! I didn’t think twice, took all my belongings (yes, women carry a lot of things) and began my bike ride.

I was just amazed at how I still had free space for shopping, even with an inner pocket for my wallet and cell phone. The Demano Bag looked very nice on my folding bike!

My surprise was not over yet, I had in my hands a unique bag made from recycled PVC advertising banners.  It’s Eco friendly and to top it off, waterproof as well!

Demano Bags are designed with weather resistant materials!

All Demano bags have been designed with weather resistant materials for cycling and urban activities, and attach to the bicycle frame via a luggage truss. You can also simply carry your Demano Bag by hand when it is not attached to the bike; so it has two uses. If you think this model is better for women, do not worry; they have other designs and all of them can be adapted to any bicycle. Whether you have a Brompton, Dahon, Tern or another fantastic folding bike, a Demano Bag will fit perfectly; and if this were not enough, NYCeWheels has all the carrying frames, trusses and adapters to fit your bicycle.

Demano Bag has great colors, great design!

Regarding the colors, they can be bright or subdued and if you are more conservative they have the classic black & white too. Demano Bags are made from display banners, often with bold prints and cool graphics, so each bag is different. My Demano Bag has various soft colors with a cool design that absolute matches my blue Dahon Ciao D5 folding bicycle.

I really love it and I am positive that nobody will be disappointed! Just contact the guys at NYCeWheels to check out the Demano Brompton Bags; and why not?! Reserve them as a cool gift for any bike lover!



Tern Link P9 – Folding Bike Nirvana

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Tern Link P9—Folding Bike Nirvana, By Turbo Bob

Turbo pedals the Link P9 on Catalina Island

Turbo pedals the Link P9 on Catalina Island

It’s been almost two months since my new Tern arrived and what a great two months it’s been. Unlike other bikes I receive from NYCeWheels for testing and reviews, this gem is all mine. If you haven’t had a chance to ride this sleek folding bike, I suggest you move on it and here are the reasons why, (in no particular order).

The Tern Link P9 looks great

Yes, this bike has the look that says, ‘ride me‘. In a stealthy all black paint scheme, it is just too hot. The lines flow in the nicest of ways. Some bikes are all about performance and quality (and the Tern has all that), but when it comes to appearance they fall flat. Not the Tern Link P9, it will motivate you to get out and show your style.

Link P9 folds quickly and easily

With its quick and easy fold, you will find yourself riding more because it is so convenient to keep this bike near your side. Just a few movements take it from a small, lightweight package to a ready-to-ride speed machine. The well done hinges are firm and quick to use. When folded, it is easy to store or transport, ready for a fast getaway.

The Link P9 is very lightweight

With a 100% aluminum build (not counting the tires and such), the Link P9 practically floats. Whether riding or carrying it, you can feel its sense of near nothingness. People spend tons for bits and pieces to lighten their bikes, here all the good stuff is already on-board. I can’t imagine needing even one up-grade for this feather.

The Link P9 has a great feel

Tern Link P9 is right at home

Overlooking Avalon Harbor, the Tern Link P9 is right at home

With the most rigid of frames and appointments, no flex is to be found. The ride quality and handling are astounding for a bike like this. The steering geometry is much to my liking too. Forget everything you knew about folding bikes as you mount up on the Tern. I continue to find myself moving fast and making confident moves every time I ride my new P9.

Link P9 stops on a dime

Speced with some awesome V-brakes, I have never felt I needed more. Smooth and powerful, they do the job all too well. A recent ride in the hills of Catalina Island confirmed that the braking system on this Tern Link P9 is up to any task I can dish out. They match the whole package perfectly. Just one more (important) thing I like about my Tern.


A comfortable Folding Bike

Here too, things are covered well. The race type saddle is a good fit. The ergo grips add to the experience. The cockpit position works well for my large frame and that of my wife’s smaller torso too. Everyone that I have let ride it has agreed that it is sized in a way that covers most any height of rider. Plus, the bike rides so well, that the comfort is in your mind more than your body.

Tern Link P9 offers the highest quality

Here is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. Every item that is included on this bike is high-end. The spec list reads like that of a track bike. At the price-point the Tern sits at, this is just one more of the things that makes me excited. This has got to be the best equipped bikes I have every owned. I sometimes wonder if I should memorize every part name and spec for fun.

The Link P9‘s gear train

The 9 speeds at the flick of your wrist cover most every terrain just fine. I have climbed some fairly steep grades in low gear, and top gear is for flying. The derailleur never skips a beat while it follows your commands. It is just a tad noisy in low gear under a heavy load, but that is to expected with a bike with just one front chain ring.

Wheels and tires on the Tern Link P9

Once again, some great pieces are part of the package. The Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires are all I could want. The solid rims and spokes should do the job for a long time. The sealed cartridge hubs are hooked to the bike with quick-release skewers. They look good and work.

Some closing thoughts on this great folding bike

So there you have it. This Tern Link P9 is one great folding bike. I have been enjoying it to the fullest and have many more fun rides planned for it in the future. It fits my needs and makes me happy. I don’t think you could ask any more than that from a bike. The fact that it folds just adds to the picture. NYCeWheels will be glad to let you try one out or, if you aren’t local, ship one to you for some fun times of your own. Get on the bandwagon and ride the Tern Link P9.
Thanks for listening, Turbo Bob.
“I was more relieved that anything. People were sick of me winning–I don’t blame them. It’s hard when you win all the time, because then winning isn’t special anymore.”—Juli Furtado, after finishing second to end a winning streak of seventeen of eighteen races in 1993, including all six national championships series races and nine World Cup races.

The Tern Link D8: First Folding Bike Ride

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Without a lot of experience riding folding bikes, I set out to test ride a Tern Link D8 through the streets of Upper East New York City. Recently having moved here from New Orleans where the streets are flat, my first impression was the great 8-speed gear ratio. Perfect when you want to go fast on flats yet comfortable when you need an easy gearing to go up those long thigh-burning hills.

At first glance, the handle bar hinge seems a bit overkill with two bolt clamps and locking joint surfaces, but rolling downhill proves why they are there: complete stiffness. I kept pedaling to go faster and make the frame flex and just could not get the bike to give. The seat stays extend a little further past the seat post which suggests why I was impressed. So, do all these extra bolts, clamping, double locking mechanisms make the Tern Link D8 more difficult to fold? Surprisingly not at all. Tern actually started using what they call “N-Fold Technology”, which makes the Tern Link bike only an 1.5-inch smaller when folded but the Tern Link D8 can actually be folded in less than ten seconds!

Climbing Hills on the Tern Link D8

Now came the time for climbing back up that hill I just sped down. I played with the gear ratios and was happy with the results: easy climbing in a nice up-right position, especially since II was riding with a 10lbs. messenger bag. Red light! Green light! Time to start pedaling again from zero on an uphill. Standing up on the Tern Link D8 on an uphill climb was a little different than what I was used to, but halfway through the hill I was feeling pretty confident with the handling of this folding bike. Though it took a few pedals to get used to climbs on 16-inch wheels, the bottom line is they have a great acceleration and are zippy for maneuvering through city traffic, up or down hills.

Tern Made Folding Bikes Easy

Tern thought about the little things that make life simple when they created the Link D8, included a rear rack, rear and front fenders and even a chaining guard. If you need a front rack, they even thought of that too, there are two sockets welded in the head tube instead of mounting to the handlebar, which would defeats the purpose of: a) folding and b) sturdy.

Overall, the Tern Link D8 is a very versatile folding bike. The wheelbase gives for a great city ride experience since it distributes the riders weight evenly. When the Link D8 is simple and quick to fold, not to mention an elegant and compact design. Discover more about the Tern Link D8!